Cadastre and urban building

Complex of the urban building tasks

Set of applied tasks is intended for automatic work of architecture and town planning institutions, management of document flow, placements and issues of data from the database of Information systems for providing of urban building activity (ISOGD - in Russian).

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Functionality of complex:

  • The automated maintaining ISOGD according to the urban-planning code of the Russian Federation and the Order of the Ministry of Regional Development of the Russian Federation No. 85 August 30, 2007;
  • Maintaining register of territorial zones, maps of territorial zoning and town-planning regulations of territories using;
  • Maintaining the address register together with established plan of the territory;
  • Maintaining the register of the land plots together with the plan of the territory on duty and the accounting of documentary data in the section "The built land plots and prepared for building ones of ISOGD";
  • Maintaining directories and classifiers (OKATO, OKTMO, types and structure of territorial zones, structure of the documents placed in ISOGD and so forth);
  • The automated formation of the urban-planning project for the land plot;
  • Formation of reports on urban-planning activity.

More details about urban-planning regulations are in the urban-planning code of the Russian Federation.

Appearance of a task for urban-planning regulations is realized in the form of the structured tree constructed according to directories of urban-planning regulations and parameters of allowed use. The tree of regulations is created on conforming to the rules:

  • 1 level – the type of a territorial zone
  • 2 level – the structure of a territorial zone
  • 3 level – the types of territory using:
    • Main,
    • Auxiliary,
    • Conditionally resolved.
  • 4 level – the functional purpose of territory using. The parameters of allowed using are displayed for each appointment in the right window of a form

В правой части окна отображаются параметры разрешенного использования территории.

Address register

It is intended for systematization of data on addresses of the account objects. Objects of the account are the separate elements of postal addresses called by address objects: regions, areas, cities, settlements of the town type, rural settlements, streets, houses.

Maintaining register of the land plots

For placement of documents in the 8th section ISOGD "The built land plots and prepared for building ones of ISOGD" it is necessary to keep the register of the land plots. The description of the land plots contains necessary information for the account them in ISOGD books.


In a complex of programs the following directories are used:

To the general directories are belonged:

At database (DB) initialization, sections of the general directories are filled with standard values.

Urban-planning project of the land plot

The system automatically forms the urban-planning project of the land plot on two modes:

Formation of reports

The system forms the following reports: