KB "Panorama" renders consulting services on the basics of work with geoinformation technologies "Panorama".

Duration of a base course "Bases of work with GIS "Panorama" - 18 hours (3 days), the cost in the "Price" section. Cost does not include residing and food. Duration and an orientation of curriculums can vary at the request of the customer.

The purpose of a course - mastering of main principles and acquisition of work skills of creation and editing of electronic maps and databases of geoinformation systems of a different degree of complexity.
Requirements to students: knowledge of main principles and possession of skills of work with computer in Windows (7 or higher) environment.
Departure of the teacher to towns of Russia and to the countries of commonwealth of the independent states is possible. Cost of training is contractual - travelling expenses of the teacher, travel, residing are paid additionally.
Record is made by phone. The beginning of studies - after process of groups completion. Number of the person in group: 10 - 12. For groups less than 10 person the cost is contractual (from 500 c.u.). At the end of training the sample certificate is given out.

In more detail about conditions of training you can find out by ph.: (495) 739-0245, E-mail:

Video lessons

A number of training films designed to master the main functions of "GIS Panorama" and to improve the skills of users have been developed. Course of training is conducted on the basis of the consulting center of KB "Panorama", located in Noginsk (Moscow Region) at Rogozhskaya street, 117, office 1. The beginning of classes at 10-00 Moscow time. After the completion of the course of training, a certificate of the established type is issued.

The cost of consulting services can be found in the "Price" section. Accommodation and meals are not included in the price.

When recruiting a group of 3 students, the subject and duration of the courses may vary. To write to the courses, you need to leave the application by phone +7 (496) 519-40-83 or by e-mail

The teacher can visit the customer's territory. The cost can be found in the "Price" section. Travel expenses, travel and accommodation of the teacher are paid by the receiving party separately.

Requirements for students: knowledge of basic principles and knowledge of computer skills in the Windows environment (XP/Vista/7/8/10).

  • Improving the quality of education
  • Standardization, unification of training
  • Possibility of distance learning
  • Self-education possibility

You can familiarize with training films in English in the Video lessons section.