Cadastre and urban building

The set of "Workstation of the urban-planner" programs

The set of "Workstation of the urban-planner" programs – the automated workplace of urban builder on the basis of GIS Panorama Mini and additional modules Complex of urban building tasks.

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This complex of urban building tasks accumulates and processes the data necessary for adoption of reasonable decisions on development of urban areas, automates work of bodies of architecture and town planning, simplifies processes of preparation and issue of documents ISOGD. Complex of urban building tasks "Panorama GRAD (Urban)" provides performance of the following functions on conducting document flow:

  • • Maintaining books and sections ISOGD, using of classification system and ISOGD coding according to the Order of the Ministry of Regional Development of the Russian Federation ( August 30, 2007 No. 85).
  • • Registration and placement of data in the ISOGD information fund. Formation of data packages and providing data of ISOGD to interested persons.
  • • Maintaining registers of documents.
  • • The automated formation of the main urban building documentation. Preparation of reports.
  • • Storage of the scanned images of documents.
  • • Installation of connections between documents and connections of documents with objects.
  • • Changing the relevance state of the documents. The reflection of the relations of the document with amendments and additions to the documents.

Ledger applications

The digital terrplan.rsc classifier is applied for creation of territorial planning schemes of the Russian Federation, master plans of urban districts and municipal forms of settlements. Preparation of graphic part of documents of territorial planning is provided according to the Order of the Ministry of Regional Development of the Russian Federation (January 30, 2012 No. 19) "About the approval of requirements to the description and display in documents of territorial planning of objects: federal, regional and local importance".
It is provided preparation of urban building plans of the land plots and other documents of urban planning activity in a complex with the digital survey.v3.rsc classifier.

Loading and viewing of vector maps are from the formats SXF, TXF, OGC GML (XML), KML (Google), DXF, Shape, MIF\MID, S57, GDF, DGN, MP (The Polish format), XLS, DBF, TXT, OziExplorer formats (WPT, RTE, PLT, EVT), Magellan Explorist UPT, RTE), raster data (RSW, BMP, JPEG, GeoTIFF, TIFF), rasters of MrSID (SID, JPEG2000, NITF), multispectral pictures (GeoTIFF), matrixes of heights, matrixes of qualities, geological matrixes of layers, TIN models, data of laser scanning (a cloud of points in the MTD format), the user maps, the area of works.

Creation of new maps is made with automatic filling of parameters on the EPSG code or from the list of parameters in the XML format.

It is provided support of the popular geo-portals, allowing to display maps of the user over the images received from sites Google (Satellite), Google (Map), Google (Landscape), Yahoo! (Satellite), Yahoo! (Map), OpenStreetMap (Map), Virtual Earth (Satellite), Virtual Earth (Map), Yandex (Satellite), Yandex (Map). For connection as the background image of data from a geo-portal it is necessary to cause dialogue the List of data from the Look \list of Geo-portals menu, to press the Add button and to choose a geo-portal from the list. Or on the main panel to choose the Be Connected to a Geo-portal or List of Data button. There is Editing of vector maps. Input of texts' captions and values of attributes in UNICODE.

Combination and editing of vector maps of different projections in one document.

Simultaneous connection to various data sources through some servers on the base to GIS Server for the multiuser work with control of access to data. Caching support on the client for the rasters opened on GIS Server. Search of the data, management of structure for data are made through the Map Legend. There is connection the databases of various formats. There is connection to servers Google Earth, Digital Globe. Import of data from servers under the protocols OGC WMS, WMTS and OGC WFS. There is connection to the GPS/GLONASS receiver for the solution of navigation tasks. There is the printing of the digital map on the various output equipment and output in PostScript. Preview of the document, prepared for printing, control of printing parameters for small circulations of maps.