GIS "Panorama"

Block of tasks for preparation of maps to print

The set of applied tasks Preparation to print is intended for improvement of presentation of a printed map in view of requirements on designing maps, preparations of schemes, atlases and formations of the dismembered images of a map for offset printing. The complex is an additional module to the professional GIS "Panorama".

Подготовки карт к изданию

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The basic functions of Preparation to print are united into one panel with the same name. The panel contains following tasks:

  • Filling marks allocation by lines
  • Filling of polygon object by conventional signs
  • Filling of map objects by conventional marks

Tasks of automatic drawing of conventional symbols are used for creation of conventional symbols in the form of map objects with an opportunity of the subsequent editing (moving, deleting) with the purpose of improvement of map obviousness. As an example of use it can be the task of drawing of conventional symbols SEPARATE TREES lengthways of the road.

  • Setup of lines thickness is used for input of thickness of the beginning and the ending of linear objects with variable thickness. As the example of use a task of installation of thickness of a source and a mouth of the river can be.
  • Processing of objects crossings is used for deleting (masking) of superfluous contours of objects of one type in places of crossing and a contiguity. As the example of use the task of crossings processing of hydrography objects can be.
  • Special map sorting allows to change the order of displaying (print) of map objects, for example to display polygon object of type BUILDING above linear object RAILWAYS.
  • Change of the scheme's scale along object is used for forming the scheme of objects with change of scale along object of the big length with the purpose of reduction of the image's dimensions. Example of use can be a task of preparation of the scheme of bus stops along a route of movement of the bus.
  • Create map legend

Tasks of creation and saving of map legend are intended for creation of additional objects of designing in the form of the table of conventional symbols and allocation concerning the map image.

  • Setting of standard breadboards of out-of-frame bordering
  • Forming "out-of-frame" bordering

Tasks of forming out-of-frame bordering are intended for creation of additional objects of designing in the form of frames of a map sheet, the scheme of allocation of the neighbouring sheets of a map and explanatory titles.

  • Map pages creation is used for automatic spacing a map onto sheets of the atlas in the form of separate maps with out-of-frame bordering of each sheet.
  • Split to CMYK is used for forming the dismembered images of a map for offset printing with use of CMYK color model.

Use of all set of means of system allows to receive a map completely prepared for printing. Print of a map can be realized by several ways.

The first way - an output of a map to the print device (the printer, plotter). This way provides fast reception of a hard copy of a map on a paper (plastic) and is usually used for a print of separate copies of maps.

The second way - transformation of a map to formats: PostScript or CMYK TIFF, CMYK BMP. Received files can be processed in systems: QuarkXPress, Adobe Illustrator, Corel Photo-Paint, etc. with the purpose of reception of four one-bit images of CMYK model used at a print on the offset equipment.


The third way - direct formation in system "Map 2008" four one-bit images of CMYK model in PCX or BMP format, used for reception of the printed forms. The system makes level-by-level processing the image, allowing to carry out automatic cleaning of fields around of titles without deleting the background which is distinct from color of titles. This way allows to carry out qualitative rastering of an electronic map omitting stages of formation of intermediate formats (PostScript, CMYK TIFF, CMYK BMP).