GIS "Panorama"

GIS Panorama Mini

GIS Panorama Mini is intended for creation and editing of digital maps and plans of cities, viewing of remote sensing data, processing of raster data, contains means of preparation of graphic documents in digital and printed form, and also for work with databases.

GIS Panorama Mini

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Import and viewing

Main functions:

1. Import and viewing:

  • vector maps from formats SXF, TXF, OGC GML (XML), KML (Google), DXF, etc.;
  • raster data (RSW, BMP, JPEG, GeoTIFF, TIFF), multispectral images (GeoTIFF);
  • matrixes of elevations, matrixes of qualities, geological matrixes of layers, TIN-models, laser scanning data (cloud of points in format MTD);
  • user maps, region of works.

2. Creation of new maps with automatic filling of parameters by EPSG code or from the list of parameters in format XML.

3. Export of maps to formats SXF, DXF, OGC GML.

4. The multiuser work with data with access control through connection to the GIS Server.

GIS Panorama Mini
Map editing

5. Map editing:

  • creation of simple objects and objects with subobjects;
  • creation of objects by the type of selected from the panel of breadboards of created objects;
  • creation, removal and moving of points of an object's contour;
  • moving and turn of objects;
  • drawing of simple lines and polygons;
  • Input of titles texts and values of attributes in UNICODE.

Combining and editing vector maps of various projections in one document.

6. Support of the popular geoportals that allows the user to display the maps on top of the images obtained from sites Google (Satellite), Google (Map), Google (Landscape), Yahoo! (Satellite), Yahoo! (Map), OpenStreetMap (Map), Yandex (Satellite), Yandex (Map), Rosreestr, a geoportal of the Cadastral Ukraine map, Kosmosnimki and others. The list of geoportals constantly expands and can be supplemented by users of system.

Import of the data from servers by protocols OGC WMS and OGC WFS.

GIS Panorama Mini
GIS Panorama Mini

7. Connecting to GPS/GLONASS receiver for the solving the navigational problems. Management of data by using the tasks of "Map Legend" and "Atlas of maps".

8. Preparation and the print of complex reports including maps, graphics, multi-line text with different attributes, embedded Office documents and tables, out-of-frame designing, coordinate grids and other elements. Print of an digital map on the various output devices and output to PostScript. Preview the document prepared for printing, customizing the parameters of printing small map runs.

GIS Panorama Mini
GIS Panorama Mini

9. Conducting the databases with customization of the user's forms for viewing the tables, formation of requests and reports for viewing the schemes of territorial planning, urban cadastre and other tasks.

10. Full documentation, help system in electronic form.

GIS Panorama Mini