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GIS WebServer Special Edition (SE)

Universal GIS for design of geoportals for various purposes

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GIS WebServer SE – GIS for construction of geoportals for various purposes, implemented on cloud technologies. Automates the publication of the changing spatial data on the basis of web-services. Creates new layers of data and allows to edit them. Provides access to user data from any computer. Creates thematic maps and cartograms. Displays 3D model on open vector maps, matrixes of heights and terrain images without preparation of model. Carries out search of the shortest routes by the graph of roads.

Main characteristics

  • Software is implemented for OC Red Hat, Debian, Fedora, QNX, CentOS, MS Windows and other;
  • Compatiable with various means of providing Security (means of authorization, Data encryption, antiviruses, firewalls and other);
  • Support for processors Intel, AMD, SPARC, MIPS, ARM, Elbrus and other;
  • Users interface is implemented in russian, english, french and other languages.

Work scheme of GIS WebServer SE

Map management

Improved display of multilayered map images from Web-servers.
Fast moving.
Convenient scaling.
Easy controlling by contents and display order, customization of layers transparency using the map legend.

Creating and editing objects online

Using the map editor, you can remotely create new and modify the already existing map objects.
Remote change of map's objects semantics.

A set of tools for search and selection of map objects

  • Address search - display of search results in the form of points on the map and in the form of the list of objects in the separate panel.
  • Selection by semantics of objects - advanced search of objects by individual characteristics.
  • Spatial filter - search by rectangular area; search interior object; search by distance from a point

List of objects

Conduction lists of selected map objects and performance of grouped overlay operations over objects of lists.
Visual display of various characteristics on a map with using data format geoJSON.

Calculations on a map

The "Distance" tool allows you to calculate the length of the map between the specified points.

The "Area" tool makes it possible to calculate the area of an arbitrary polygon on the map.


Construction of routes to the territory of the Russian Federation.
Text description of a route:

  • distance,
  • street names,
  • time in the way,
  • points of turns.

The shortest route by distance. The shortest route in terms of travel time.

Thematic map

The construction of thematic layers according to the characteristics of the map layer objects.

Customizing the transparency of the thematic map.

Thermal map

Displays the density of objects distribution on the map by characteristics.

Buffer zone

Constructing a buffer zone around one or several objects.

Interactive map

Tool "Layer shutter" allows to perform a visual analysis of the relative objects location.

Three-dimensional view

Publication of spatial data in the form of three-dimensional terrain model on the basis of Web3D technology.

Construction of three-dimensional model of the Earth's surface onto any terrain, ensured by spatial data.


Combining objects into groups by the nearest coordinates and a visual displaying groups on the map.

Map print

Print of the map image, combined in a window from various sources, with possibility of adding comments.

Authorization and differentiation of access rights

Support of domain authorization (Active Directory, KERBEROS, system authentication of web-server).

Differentiation of access rights on the basis of users groups.

GIS WebAdministrator SE

User Group Maintenance and differentiation of access rights Customization of general parameters.

Management of map layers.
Visual customizing a tree of a map's layers contents.
Customizing of composition of map components.