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Remote access to the management system of the agricultural enterprise in the Horticulture sector based on the GIS "Panorama AGRO"

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GIS WebServer AGRO is intended for publication in Internet/Intranet networks of spatial and attributive data of an agricultural enterprise or agricultural holding, including digital maps, remote sensing data and information from the database. As the background data the own spatial data or the information from open sources (Google, Yandex, OpenSreetMap, VirtualEath, Russian Space Department, Rosreestr and others) can be used.

The program is aimed at processing information on agricultural land and objects of accounting of agricultural enterprise, including arable land characteristics, crop rotation data, cadastral data, monitoring data, agrochemical calculations of mineral fertilizer doses for agricultural crops, etc. Structure of data on agricultural land and objects of accounting is presented in the format of the database of GIS "Panorama AGRO". The cadastral information corresponds to the structure of data of the state real estate cadastre.

GIS WebServer AGRO

GIS "Land and real estate" can be used for conducting in-house cadastral accounting. When developing the application, the GIS WebToolKit SE cartographical tools is used, which is a JavaScript library for accessing spatial data, execution of special calculations, and displaying the digital terrain information. As a source of spatial data, GIS WebServer AGRO uses the multi-platform cartographical service the GIS WebService SE. Data exchange with the service is carried out according to international open standards OGC: WMTS 1.0.0 and WMS 1.3.0. Remote modification of the semantics of map objects.

Synchronization of cartographic information described in the GIS "Panorama AGRO" database and the information published on GIS WebService SE is carried out automatically. The source of data for the GIS WebService SE can be maps placed on the GIS Server, which allows you to synchronize the work of the desktop GIS Panorama AGRO, web applications and mobile clients. GIS Server can be connected to desktop applications, such as GIS "Panorama", Workstation of agronomist and others. This allows mobile clients working through the web to process the same data in conjunction with desktop clients.

GIS WebServer AGRO

The program is aimed at specialists in the field of agriculture, and is an extension of the GIS "Panorama AGRO" to work with the information of an agricultural enterprise on the basis of WEB-technologies.

GIS WebServer AGRO performs the following operations:

  • request and obtaining graphic images of the map on the basis of spatial data of cartographic servers using the OGC WMTS protocol;
  • display of the map image on the Web-form;
  • moving the map image while moving the mouse pointer in the Web browser;
  • changing the scale of the map displaying in the Web browser;
  • managing the composition of visible map layers;
  • obtaining and displaying data about characteristics of spatial objects;
  • execution of queries for calculating the length, area, perimeter of spatial objects;
  • measurement of distances on the map;
  • obtaining information from the state real estate cadastre;
  • editing of contours and semantic information of agricultural lands;
  • maintenance of attributive information on agricultural land data;
  • monitoring of vehicles and agricultural machinery;
  • maintenance of data of land plots.
GIS WebServer AGRO

Agrocontrol mode allows you to create systems of tracking for mobile objects using GIS WebServer AGRO.

The mode of retrospective analysis of data from unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) makes it possible to improve the control over the processing of agricultural land.

GIS WebServer AGRO

You can get acquainted with the work of the GIS WebServer AGRO program on the demonstration "Agroportal". To view the test version, the password is "agro" and the login is "agro".