GIS for Agriculture

GIS Panorama AUTO

The program is designed for monitoring mobile objects (vehicles, agricultural machinery and special machines) on the basis of GPS/GLONASS navigation hardware and provides: gathering data from the onboard equipment installed on mobile technical means (objects of monitoring), processing information from the sensor system, displaying the location of monitoring's objects and their characteristics on the background of a map, preparation of tasks to drivers/machine operators, formation of data on actually made works and the exchange of information with external programs.

GIS Panorama AUTO

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Main functions of the program:

  • • maintaining the normative-reference information;
  • • binding to a map of the enterprise infrastructure;
  • • management of a map:
  •   - managing the composition of map layers;
  •   - managing the composition of rasters;
  •   - managing the composition of matrixes;
  •   - connecting the atlas of maps;
  • • calculations on a map:
  •   - calculate length of an arbitrary line;
  •   - calculate length of object;
  •   - calculate the area of an arbitrary polygon;
  •   - calculate distance between objects;
  • • Processing navigation data and the control of moving of motor transport and specialized equipment:
  •   - maintaining the list of objects of monitoring;
  •   - visualizing the moving of objects of monitoring on a map background:
  •     - in a mode of real time;
  •     - in a mode of scrolling the history;
  •   - calculating and displaying the parameters of monitoring;
  • • analysis of parameters of monitoring on schedules;
  • • formation and analysis of the events happening to objects of monitoring:
  •   - on the base of parameters of sensors;
  •   - on the base of a mutual positioning the objects of monitoring;
  •   - on the basis of information and routes and geozones;
  • • planning and accounting the moving of motor transport and specialized equipment:
  •   - maintaining the register of routes and geozones;
  •   - maintaining the register of points (traffic centres);
  •   - scheduling works of drivers and machine operators;
  •   - automated account of the made works;
Object selection
Graphics of monitoring data
  • • creating and editing a map of routes and geozones;
  • • built-in subsystem of managing the graph of roads:
  •   - building the minimal path between two arbitrary points;
  •   - building the minimal path between two objects of a map;
  •   - building the minimal path between object of monitoring and the specified object of a map;
  •   - building the minimal path between object of monitoring and destination point - traffic centre;
  • • processing the results of the field measurements, data of remote sensing and updating a map of land;
  •   - use of Google opportunities for updating a map;
  •   - loading data from files of SHAPE format;
  •   - loading data from autopilots;
  •   - editing a map based on tracks of objects of monitoring;
  • • formation of reports and statistical information:
  •   - reports on technical equipment:
  •     - park of technical equipment (vehicles);
  •     - park of objects of monitoring;
  •     - park of the rigged equipment;
  •   - reports on the made works:
  •     - operative accounting;
  •     - actual works of machine operators;
  •     - processed area;
  •     - consumption of fuel for the period (cars);
  •     - consumption of fuel for the period (special equipment);
  •     - the user report;
  •   - reports on fields:
  •     - passport of a field;
  •     - structure of the grounds and arable lands;
Panorama AUTO

Panorama AUTO
  •     - gross of crops;
  •     - yields on a farm;
  •     - sowing seeds;
  •     - introduction of plant protection products;
  •     - introduction of ameliorants;
  •     - application of fertilizers;
  •     - executed technological operations;
  •   - reports on events of objects of monitoring;
  • • maintaining resources of system and access sharing;
  • • data exchange with external programs:
  •   - import of data from "1C" a configuration "AGROHOLDING";
  •   - export of data in "1C" a configuration "AGROHOLDING".
  •   - import of data from "1C" a configuration " 1C: Managing the agricultural enterprise";
  •   - export of data in "1C" a configuration "1C: Managing the agricultural enterprise".

Storehouse of cartographical data is the internal database in a format of the GIS Panorama. For storage of attributive data the external database on platform of Microsoft SQL Server is used.

Protection of the program - an electronic key (dongle).