About firm

KB "Panorama" - the leading Russian company in the field of development of geoinformation systems. The main activity of the company is the development and implementation of GIS, which are used by Federal agencies, including Minister of Defense, MVD, FSB, Federal drug control service, Ministry of emergency situations, Federal service of state registration, cadastre and cartography, Federal Road Agency, municipal services, land and real estate agencies, road organizations, architecture and construction committees. The company is a member of the cooperation "Federal Center of science and high technologies of the All-Russia Research Institute of Civil Defense".

Our technologies are widely used in government, large companies, small enterprises and allow effectively to use the various geospatial data.

More than 25 years in the field of GIS-technologies

Why we?

  • Professional tools for creating national mapping systems with support of ISO 19100 series international standards
  • Our products are ready for use in more than 100 countries of the world
  • More than 50 dealers companies of KB "Panorama"
  • More than 99 thousand registered users of GIS "Panorama"
  • More than 110 educational institutions use products of KB "Panorama" for preparation of specialists
  • Our products are translated into the most common languages in the world: russian, english, spanish, french and other.

Technical support

KB "Panorama"provides free technical support to users of the software developed by experts of the company, within one year from date of purchase. Extension of the technical support is chargeable and is carried by the user's wish.
Technical support includes free software upgrades (within the older version numbers) by downloading the updates from the site, providing information and technical assistance through a response to appeals on the forum. If necessary to transfer examples of data or source codes of programs to analyze the problem there is provided a support by e-mail (in Russian and English languages). When contacting technical support forum it is mandatory to provide the following information:

  1. Full name and version number of the used product.

When contacting technical support by email and phone it is compulsory to provide the following information:

  1. Name of the organization.
  2. User name, which received a complaint.
  3. Identification number of the product key which is used.
  4. Full version number of the used product.

Employees of technical support service are always ready to carry out consultations on all questions, relating to the selection and use of the software of KB "Panorama".

On our site you can subscribe to RSS feeds for new software products, informational messages, additional features of software, current promotions and more.
Concerning software work, please, address to our forum , and also to the following addresses:,

To users of GIS ToolKit Free, GIS ToolKit Active Free, GIS Constructor Free for obtaining the updated versions and maintenance of free annual technical support you need to register the purchased software products, with the following information:

  1. Name of the organization.
  2. Number of your product key.
  3. Date of purchase.
  4. E-mail address
  5. The name of the responsible person

The information should be sent in the form of the electronic letter onto the addresses of email of technical support: or

List of management staff

  • Chief Executive Officer (CEO) - Kirichenko Sergei Grigorevich
  • First CEO Deputy - Zheleznyakov Andrei Vladislavovich
  • CEO Deputy, Chief Designer - Belenkov Oleg Valentinovich
  • CEO Deputy for Science, Ph.D. - Demidenko Albert Gennadevich
  • CEO Deputy, Chief Technical Officer - Karpihin Andrei Sergeyevich
  • Director of the branch - Gorbunov Aleksandr Vladimirovich