Tools for development of GIS-applications

GIS WebToolKit

GIS WebToolKit – toolkit for development of WEB-applications.

GIS WebToolKit

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One of popular directions of Internet-applications - the servers of interactive maps. GIS WebServer application of company KB "Panorama" is successfully used for the publication in the Internet of digital maps and the information from databases. GIS WebServer - a customizable application, its input data are described in the xml-file of parameters and can be modified using the program GIS WebAdministrator.

GIS WebToolKit

GIS WebToolKit -toolkit for development of geoportals for access to infrastructure of spatial data (the vector, raster, matrix maps, data of remote sensing of the Earth and information from databases). The toolkit is created on the base of source texts of application GIS WebServer. If you need to create your own website or geo-portal, which uses an interactive map and database tables, you can do this by using GIS WebToolKit. Toolkit of GIS WebToolKit is a solution for Visual Studio 2008, programming language C#. The technology AJAX.NET is used for partial data processing on the client side and support of various Web-browsers. Use of GIS WebToolKit assumes knowledge of principles of developing the Web-applications ASP.NET in .NET Framework environment, and also experience of creation and use of JavaScript client scripts.

GIS WebToolKit is supplied only in addition to GIS WebServer. It can be delivered in two variants: GIS WebToolKit and GIS WebToolKit x64.

  • • Gis WebToolKit for 32-bit OS Microsoft Windows.
  • • GIS WebToolKit x64 for 64-digit OS Microsoft Windows, effectively using their advanced features.GIS WebToolKit x64?fully supports a family of operating systems Microsoft Windows x64.

GIS ToolKit

GIS ToolKit is a set of components for creation of the GIS-applications in the environment of visual programming Borland Delphi, C++ Builder, Developer Studio and Code Gear.

All functions of access and management of a map in GIS WebToolKit are carried out by means of special library of a kernel of system the GIS "Map 2011" - gisacweb.dll (for the 32-bit version) and gisacweb64.dll (for the 64-bit version). Map data are presented in formats of GIS "Map 2011" system: vector, raster and matrix files of map data are used. Map image is created dynamically and displayed in a Web-browser in the form of png-image. Functions of scaling, moving, resizing the image and others are carried out with use in client scripts of the callback functions (JavaScript callback functions) for partial updating the Web-form. The user control element MapView.ascx is used in GIS WebToolKit for management of a map.

GIS WebToolKit
GIS WebToolKit

Map objects can be logically linked with an external relational database. Records of database tables are linked with objects of a map through the unique identifier. Access to data is carried out by means of technology ADO.NET - a component of .NET Framework. The user control element TableView.ascx is used in GIS WebToolKit for work with tables of a database.

There are used controls of library Microsoft Ajax.NET for an ensuring of client interaction, and also own libraries of client scripts.

For development and debugging the Web-application it is enough to use the built-in Web-server Visual Studio which allows to start Web-pages without customization of the virtual directories or deployment of a Web-site.

The library of the GIS-kernel gisacweb.dll (for the 32-bit version) or gisacweb64.dll (for the 64-bit version), a part of GIS WebToolKit, is protected from unauthorized use by means of a dongle. At purchase of toolkit the dongle of protection is given which is connected to USB-port of a computer. Running an application server is possible only on the computer where the dongle is connected. Therefore, before using the map you need to connect the dongle. Upon termination of development and at deployment of the site on a Web-server it is enough to connect the dongle only on a server.

GIS WebToolKit

For use of toolkit at development of a new site it is enough to add files of own code into project GIS WebToolKit (GIS.sln) in Visual Studio. You also can modify the program code GIS WebToolKit according to solved tasks.

System Requirements

  • • PC Intel Pentium IV - 2GHz; RAM - 1GB or more;
  • • Operating System: MS Windows 2000 SP4 and higher;
  • • Internet Information Services (IIS) 5.0 or higher;
  • • Environment. NET Framework 3.5;
  • • Driver ("Client") for used database;
  • • Microsoft Visual Studio 2008;
  • • Ajax.NET 3.5 and above.