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GIS "Map 2011" allows to carry out edition of individual copies of maps and to form map image in the standard graphic formats used for offset printing. The image of a map can be printed on any output device having driver for OS Windows, or can be saved into formats: TIFF CMYK, PCX CMYK, PostScript.

  • Print of a map the most simple way of reception of a hard copy of a map on a paper or plastic. Usually this way is used for edition of individual copies of maps.
  • Saving in TIFF CMYK format allows to carry out additional processing of image of EM (electronic map) in universal graphic systems without an opportunity of editing of map structure.
  • Saving in PCX CMYK format allows to receive ready one-bit images of printed forms, by-passing of a stage of rastering with application of other systems, and essentially to save time of reception of forms images for offset printing.
  • Saving in PostScript format allows to carry out additional data processing of EM in universal graphic systems with an opportunity of editing of map structure, and essentially to save the size of an occupied place on a data carrier, allocated for saved data.



Except for the listed tasks the system includes a complex of the special procedures collected in the separate panel Preparation to print. Preparation to print task is intended for map designing according to requirements to the edition of maps, preparations of schemes, atlases and forming the dismembered images of a map for offset printing.

Content of Panel:

  • Filling marks allocation by lines
  • Filling of polygon object by conventional signs
  • Filling of map object by conventional marks
  • Setup of lines thickness
  • Processing of objects crossings
  • Special sorting of map
  • Change of the schemes scale along object
  • Create map legend
  • Save map legend
  • Settings of standard breadboards of out-of-frame bordering
  • Forming out-of-frame bordering
  • Map pages creation
  • Split to CMYK


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