In the Databank of digital maps and remote sensing data a maintains of a register of points of the planimetric-high-altitude base is implemented


In KB "Panorama" the Databank of digital maps and remote sensing data version 3.9 is developed. The new version adds the ability to store a new type of data - points of planimetric-high-altitude base, including: points of the state geodetic network, points of survey network, leveling points, elevation marks, astronomical points and stations ITRF.

Each point is described by a set of mandatory metadata: its own name, coordinates, point type, and has a number of additional metadata for each point type: epoch for ITRF stations, type of center and a sign for GGS points, bench mark type for the leveling network points, and others. All points placed in the Databank, are displayed on a map-scheme, and in order to more quickly assess the state of the planimetric-high-altitude base each type of a point has its own conventional symbol.

A new bookmark "Sketches" has been added to the window for viewing metadata of points of the planimetric-high-altitude base, where for each point you can save an unlimited number of schematic terrain plans for different periods of time.

For the convenience of search for metadata, all data types are divided into two large groups: "Surfaces" and "Data". The "Surfaces" group includes maps, remote sensing data, matrixes, and geocovers, the "Data" group - classifiers and points of planimetric-high-altitude base.

In the new version, the functions of viewing and editing are combined in a single window, which reduces the number of operations performed by the operator when editing metadata for all kinds of data sets. It is possible to try all the updates in action right now: the new version of the program is available for download on the Download page.

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