GIS Panorama Mini accelerates the visualization of geospatial data onto large areas through the use of multi-level pyramid tiles


In KB "Panorama" the GIS Panorama Mini version 12.7 for x64 platform is developed. The new version of the program adds the ability to receive and display packed pyramids of tiles from GIS Server. Pyramids of tiles can be in BIR, Mbtiles formats, stored in a database managed by SQLite DBMS. Pyramids of tiles can be prepared in the Imagery Creator program, including in the environment of the Databank of digital maps and remote sensing data, using vector maps, remote sensing data and matrixes of heights of relief and terrain objects. Access to tiles pyramids can be offline without the use of server applications, as well as in client-server mode through GIS WebService SE via the OGC WMTS protocol or through the GIS Server version 8.3 and higher. When accessing client-server mode, the tiles that were accessed are automatically cached on the client's computer, similar to working through a web browser.

Import of a set of files of format S57 (000, 030, 031) from the folder containing the subfolders with the sea map files is implemented. The processing of the S57 format has been accelerated in several times due to the multi-threaded processing of data sets on multi-core processors. The output map can be created in the MAP format (multi-sheet map) or as a set of maps of the formats SIT, SITX as part of the MPT project.

Into dialog of search and mark of map objects into the "Measurement" bookmark the possibility is added to set a condition of selecting objects by number of points in the main contour of object. For example, if you need to mark polygons having the shape of a rectangle (4 corners), you can search for a metric of 5 points (the first and the last are the same).

The task of connecting geoportals is improved. Ability is added for displaying geoportals beyond 180 and -180 degrees in longitude for all supported standards. It allows you to display more visually the data on territory of Chukotski Peninsula and Alaska, and also to carry out editing of objects in these territories. Setting sizes of displaying is done via the "Configure geoportals" menu item. By default, the display area of geoportals is set from -225 to 225 degrees.

A call of the "Transparent color" mode has been added to the "Data list" dialog. The mode is designed to disable the display of both one and a group of colors from a palette of 16, 256-color rasters. For 24 bit rasters, a disabling of displaying one color is carried out. The new mode is called on the "Rasters" bookmark by the item of the contextual menu "Transparent color".

In the dialogs of recalculating and displaying the coordinates of the current point on the map, the replacement of the coordinate system PZ-90.02 by PZ-90.11 is performed.

The new version of the program is available for download in the Download section.

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