Tools of GIS ToolKit expands the possibilities of managing the displaying of spatial data


KB "Panorama" has developed the GIS ToolKit version 12.7 for creating GIS-applications in the environment of C ++ Builder, Delphi Embarcadero. In the new version, the component of map management has been added - TMapManager. The component significantly increases the efficiency of developing a GIS application by implementing actions with a map image, such as discrete scaling using the keyboard, smooth scaling by rotating the mouse wheel, moving the map image by pressing the mouse button and keyboard, and displaying the entire map in the window. When you move the cursor over the map, the managing component allows you to get the current scale values of the map displaying, a map name, the coordinates in various systems (CS-42, CS-95, WGS 84) and units of measurement (degrees, degrees with fractions, radians).

GIS ToolKit is a tool for the developer of geographic information systems that allows you to process spatial databases. The toolkit consists of a set of visual components (supplied in the source code) and the API functions of GIS core for direct access to the geodatabase. The base of geodata can be located both at the workplace (direct access to the data), and in the local network or the Internet (the components of the GIS Server access or the exchange of data under the international protocols are used).

The new version of the program is available for download on the Download page.

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