A series of lessons in English for independent study of geo-information systems of KB "Panorama" is supplemented with new materials


Specialists of KB "Panorama" prepared a video lesson "Creation of 3D objects on a map". It is intended for the English-speaking users who independently study the possibilities of GIS "Panorama". In this lesson the work with three-dimensional objects is considered. From it you will learn how to create a 3D-object, edit its properties and place on the map.

The video lesson shows a phased adjustment of the three-dimensional view of an object using the "Classifier Editor" panel. To create a new or edit an existing object, use the "Templates" bookmark. After saving all the settings, the creation of a three-dimensional model is demonstrated. The operation is started using the corresponding button on the main program panel. Moving around and controlling a 3D object is done with the mouse.

Previously other video tutorials of this series were published: "Tools for creating objects", "Operations on points", "Map classifier". Earlier other video lessons of this series have been published: "Object creation tools", "Operations over points", "The map Classifier".

You can get acquainted with the educational materials in English in the section "Video lessons".

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