GIS Server enhances information security of resources for distributed storage and processing the data of large volume


In KB "Panorama" the program GIS Server version 8.4 is developed. The new version improves the reliability of working with large lists of maps, rasters and matrixes when they are intensively processed by various services and user groups. Algorithm for sorting maps on the server is clarified. Algorithm for monitoring server status from desktop applications is improved. Diagnostic printing is expanded.

Ability is added for publishing the packed pyramids of tiles in BIR, MBTILES formats based on a SQLite database. Pyramids of tiles can be created in the Imagery Creator program, including in the environment of the Databank of digital maps and remote sensing data, using vector maps, remote sensing data and matrixes of heights of relief and the terrain objects. When publishing tiles, on the client’s computer those tiles that were accessed are automatically cached, similar to working through a web browser. Viewing the pyramids of tiles from the server is supported in the GIS "Panorama" version 12.7 and higher. At connecting the databases there is added a processing of parameters of the user coordinate systems by extended codes from the crslist.xml file.

GIS Server is designed to provide remote access to spatial data for users of programs GIS "Panorama", GIS "Operator", GIS WebService SE and others. The software product is certified in the information security system. GIS Server is used in various federal, regional and corporate projects for managing spatial databases, for organizing the interaction between web clients, desktop and mobile clients and various service departments.

The new version of the program is available for download on the Download page.

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