Training materials in English are prepared for independent study of geoinformation systems of KB "Panorama"


Specialists of KB "Panorama" for English-speaking users prepared a series of video lessons for working with GIS "Panorama". The training course of twelve lessons will tell you about the system tools for creating and editing maps, checking the quality of vector maps, performing calculations and building 3D models. To date, three video lessons are prepared and published.

From the first lesson, "Object creation tools", you will learn how to create and edit objects on a map. It will examine various ways to create new objects and fill in their characteristics.

In the second lesson, "Operations above points", modes are shown that allow you to edit the turning points of map objects. Also you learn about some functions for changing the topology of objects.

The third lesson "Classifier edition" is devoted to the creation and editing of a classification system of spatial objects and their attributes. The lesson shows you how to create layers of the classifier, objects of different types of localization and demonstrates the key possibilities for creating conventional symbols for map objects.

You can get acquainted with the training materials in English in the section "Video lessons".

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