In the journal "Geoprofi" 6 the article was published about use of remote sensing data from open sources in systems of exact farming


In the journal "Geoprofi" (6, 2018) article "Analysis and preparation of remote sensing data from open sources for systems of exact farming" is published. The article considers the possibility of using open sources of the Earth's remote sensing data for satellite monitoring of agricultural land and supporting systems of exact farming. The article lists the sources of current data with open access and suitable for use in exact farming systems, describes the features of internal files formats and ways of converting the information into an agricultural GIS. For each source, the levels of processing the provided data and methods necessary for reduction of data to a single high level are considered in detail.

The presented technologies of satellite monitoring are implemented in software products of KB "Panorama": GIS WebServer AGRO, "Panorama AGRO", "Workstation of agronomist". Integration of software solutions of KB "Panorama" with external services ("Public Cadastral Map", "Atlas of Agricultural Lands", "VEGA" and others) provides the possibility of obtaining geolocated remote sensing data including in the form of thematic information. Using the services of the company Geosys allows you to get geolocated values of vegetation indices, to build zoning maps and the differentiated application of fertilizers.

The corresponding modes allow you to download the matrix of qualities with the values of the indices NDVI, CVI, EVI, GNDVI and average daily values along the contour of the field over the last 10 years. Zoning maps, built on the historical values of NDVI, make it possible to identify problem areas in the working areas and with high accuracy to predict crop yields, and also to make the decision on necessity for fertilizer application.

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