In GIS WebService SE the possibilities for work with large amount of spatial data are expanded


In KB "Panorama" the GIS WebService SE version 12.1.7 is developed. The new version of the service has added options for loading all published data into RAM if it is sufficient on the server. In this case, the program allows you to simultaneously perform a large number of requests and distribute the load between the system cores. Previously loaded data that is no longer in use is unloaded from the service and deallocates space in RAM.

The program improves the reliability of the resources deallocating when working with large amounts of spatial data. When critical errors occur or when the service is restarted, the vector, raster and matrix data will close correctly in any situation. It allows to avoid data loss or data corruption.

GIS WebService SE supports all international standards (OGC WFS, WFS-T, WMS, WMTS, WCS), with the help of which the transmission and display of spatial data is carried out. The program has the ability to issue tiles by any user or local coordinate system. The application is implemented on Windows and Linux platforms, is compatible with Apache, IIS and nginx web servers.

A new version of the program and documentation are available on the website in the Download section.

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