Geoinformation technologies of KB "Panorama" are presented at the World Congress on Geospatial Information in China


Specialists of KB "Panorama" took part in the work of the conference and the exhibition at the United Nations World Geospatial Information Congress (UNWGIC), organized jointly with the government of China. The UNWGIC Global Forum was held from 19 to 21 November 2018 in Deqing, Zhejiang Province, under the comprehensive theme “The Geospatial Way to a Better World” and promoted a comprehensive dialogue on global management by the geo-spatial information between authorities, non-governmental organisations, business and the population.

The exhibition featured a wide range of samples of special equipment and software solutions for collecting, processing and analyzing spatial data from leading companies in the world. At the stand of Russian manufacturers, specialists from China familiarized themselves with products of KB "Panorama" and "Racurs". A large number of user questions were devoted to technologies of automated data processing, monitoring of changes in the terrain and the environment, three-dimensional modeling and management of urban infrastructure.

At the on-site seminar in Nanjing to Chinese colleagues, specialists from KB Panorama presented the capabilities of the "Geoportal Region" software package in the "Smart City" technology for maintaining a spatial data bank, publishing digital cartographic information, remote sensing data (Earth Remote Sensing), thematic information from databases, documents, navigation information, the organization of remote interaction with automated control systems, systems for monitoring the state of the terrain, transport management , providing urban problems, conducting land cadastre and real estate and others.

The Chinese organizers of the UNWGIC not only implemented comfortable conditions for transport accessibility, personal accommodation and work of congress participants, but also organized an environment of joint inclusive communication of all stakeholders to improve communication, understanding, knowledge and application of geospatial information management for solving the local, regional and global problems.

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