In the GIS Server, the means of supporting a single distributed geoinformation space are expanded


In KB "Panorama" the GIS Server version 8.2 is developed. The new version adds support for displaying and editing vector maps hosted on a server that are larger than 4 GB.

Into parameters of creating backup copies of data sets the period of storage of backup copies in months was added. When updating a dataset and forming a regular copy, it checks and deletes copies created by a specified number of months earlier. If in the current year fewer months have passed than specified in the settings (for example, 5 and 6), then folders will be deleted starting from the year before last and earlier, that is, by year. Support of the software license for program work (without a USB dongle) is added.

The tools for loading data sets into the Databank of Digital Maps and Remote Sensing Data have been improved. The new version allows you to handle special characters (quotes and others) in the metadata added into the dslist data list. Ability is added for loading into the database of marine navigational charts of S57 standard, packaged in ZIP format. The composition of diagnostic messages when updating vector maps is clarified. The formation of two types of protocols (extended and short) are implemented when loading the data sets. Advanced tools of event logging increase the reliability and fault tolerance of the application, speed up the search for errors and decision-making by the administrator for changing the server's hardware. In the new version the tools of remote administration of working the Server GIS in web are expanded.

Ability is added for deleting a directory with files inside a virtual folder by the command of a client. The sorting of the vector representation of the spatial database has been implemented to speed up the display operations after multiple updates.

For supporting a single distributed geographic information space, the GIS Server provides multi-user access to spatial data for application servers (GIS WebService SE) and desktop clients (GIS "Panorama", GIS "Operator" and others). The server performs the change of the geospatial data bases by the requests generated through the graphic interface of the GIS "Panorama", GIS WebServer SE by means of editing digital maps of the terrain. Multilevel connection of servers among themselves is supported for the distributed storage and processing of spatial data with automatic replication, backup and data protection.

The new version of the program is available for download on the Download page.

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