Imagery Service increases the speed of synchronization of tiles and large spatial data bases


In KB "Panorama" the Imagery Service version 8.3 is developed. In the new version, the service provides preparation and synchronization of pyramids of tiles with spatial data bases in near-real-time mode. For example, to update a spatial database containing about 10 million objects in 12 layers, the speed of formation of a fragment of tiles on a screen in Full HD format at a base scale of 1: 10 000 on an average is 50 ms. Acceleration is achieved through the internal architecture of the service. Using the architecture of distributed and parallel computing can significantly simplify the process and technology of user interaction with large amounts of data, reduce the hardware requirements necessary for the functioning of the server.

In the new version of the program the mode for removing tiles is added. It allows you to delete tiles for certain territories, scales and matrixes, specified in the program settings. Support for PHP version 7 and higher is added.

Service provides updating of pyramids of tiles in formats PNG, PNG8 and JPEG. It allows you to maintain tiles up-to-date on the data hosted on the GIS Server. Pyramids of tiles are published according to the OGC WMTS protocol by service the GIS WebService SE. GIS that support the OGC WMTS protocol and users of the GIS WebServer SE program can be the clients of the service.

The new version of the program is available on the website in the Download section.

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