KB "Panorama" congratulated the staff of the Kuban State Technological University on the 100th anniversary


In September, 2018, the Kuban State Technological University celebrated the 100th anniversary. Annually about 20 000 students study at the university (together with the correspondence form of education). Since 2000, the GIS "Panorama" is widely used in the educational process in the areas of "Land management and cadastres" and "Construction", as well as in the course of additional vocational education. The Department of Cadastre and Geoengineering has prepared methodological instructions for the implementation of laboratory, practical and coursework based on the use of GIS Panorama. This software is one of the basic in studying such disciplines as: geodesy, engineering geodesy, applied geodesy, photogrammetry and remote sensing of territories. GIS "Panorama" is used in the preparation of the final qualifying work by bachelor students who study in the direction of 21.03.02 - "Land Management and Cadastres" and masters studying in the direction of 21.04.02 - "Land Management and Cadastres".

The staff of KB "Panorama" congratulated the department on the anniversary and transferred new licenses of GIS "Panorama" for use in the educational process. KB "Panorama" has developed the special program of licensing its software products for educational institutions. Within the framework of this initiative, the software products and technologies of KB "Panorama" for use in the educational process are provided under an agreement on preferential terms. To date, more than 110 educational institutions apply products of KB "Panorama" for training of specialists.

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