Procad, S.A. will carry out distribution of KB "Panorama" software products in the territory of Nicaragua


KB "Panorama" and Procad, S.A. signed an agreement on cooperation. The agreement gives the right to Procad, S.A. to sell software products of KB "Panorama" in the territory of Nicaragua.

Procad, S.A. is a multidisciplinary Central American company specializing in design and architecture, GIS, environmental protection, consisting of professionals with extensive experience in projects in these areas. Currently, the company's specialists are focused on the implementation of their own project for the development of the geographical information system of Nicaragua under the name "SIGNIC". For it there is already created the cartographical database checked up and approved by the Nicaraguan institute of territorial researches (INETER). This allowed Procad, S.A. to perform consultation in the field of mapping the vulnerabilities of Nicaragua's road network for the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure of Nicaragua (MTI) and other projects having the great practical importance.

Herman Bravo Ferrufino, CEO of Procad, SA, in connection with the signing of the agreement, notes: "Good luck! It's very nice for Procad, SA. We signed the agreement on cooperation with "Panorama" company, which will allow us to gain new experience and opportunities on market of GIS and cartography in Nicaragua.

KB "Panorama", in addition to working on the Russian market, pays much attention to the development of software aimed at the markets of foreign countries. A number of products already have interfaces not only in Russian and English, but also in French, Spanish, and Vietnamese. Work is under way to adapt classifiers and mechanisms of GIS to the international and national standards of various countries of the world.

Agreement with Procad, S.A. - this is the result of the work of KB "Panorama" on the creation of geoinformation systems, interesting to users in different parts of the world.

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