KB "Panorama" and "Geoscan" companies are working on integration of their 3D technologies


KB "Panorama" and the group of companies "Geoskan" realize projects on combining their technologies in the sphere of three-dimensional modeling. Specialists of KB "Panorama" prepared new versions of software products: GIS WebService SE (version 12.1.3), GIS WebServer SE (version 4.2) and professional GIS "Panorama" (version 12.6.1). In them there is implemented the ability of displaying the photorealistic 3D models of unlimitedly large size in DB3D format, which is designed for storing and displaying pyramids of three-dimensional tiles packed together with metadata tables in SQLite format. The format provides a fast issuance of spatial information in accordance with the requested scale and territory by tiles, models or objects. The format is intended for storing data in 3D-tiles pyramids of various type, for example, GoogleMapsCompatible ((a matrix compatible with Google data in projection EPSG:3857), GoogleCrs84Quad (a matrix compatible with Google data in projection EPSG:4326). Level of scale of data details and the coverage area is not limited. Import is supported to the DB3D format from formats of tile models TLS (Agisoft Tiled Mode) and point cloud Agisoft OC3.

Data for the development and testing of new modes were provided by "Geoscan" company. As an example there is used the model of a part of the city of Tomsk, loaded of format TLS (Agisoft Tiled Model). A high-precision three-dimensional terrain model was obtained using unmanned aerial photography systems the Geoskan 101 and Geoskan 401 and photo-grammatical software. About 190,000 images were taken with a resolution of 3-5 cm per pixel, and the survey area for the whole model was more than 320 square kilometers. Compilation survey for high-precision equalization consisted of 1400 points. Based on the obtained data, "Geoskan" specialists created a photorealistic 3D model, an orthophotomap with a spatial resolution of 5 cm per pixel and an accuracy in the plan of 15 cm, a digital model of the terrain and photo panoramas of the city.

You can see the example of displaying new 3D models using GIS Web Service SE and GIS WebServer SE software on the site.

Group of companies "Geoscane" produces and supplies unmanned aerial-photo-surveying systems, Agisoft Photoscan - photo-grammatical software and GIS Sputnik - software for visualization and analysis of aerial photographs data. Provides training, support and technical support, as well as provides services for aerial photography and data analysis. Technologies of "Geoscan" allow you to quickly receive high-precision orthophotomaps, matrixes of heights and 3D models of terrain.

KB "Panorama" is the leading Russian company in the field of development of geoinformation systems and technologies. The main activity of the company is the development and implementation of GIS, which are used in such areas as land management and cadastre, geodetic surveys, cartography, law enforcement agencies, agriculture, air navigation and many others. Geoinformation technologies of the company are widely used in state structures, large companies, in small enterprises and allow efficient use of various geospatial data. KB "Panorama" provides training, support and technical support of own software products.

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