Updated section of training materials for self-studying of geoinformation systems for various purposes


Specialists of the KB "Panorama have refined the section "Video lessons" on the site gisinfo.ru.The section received a new design and an improved navigation menu. The page has the ability to search for video lessons hosted on the server. Users can start to look the found lessons immediately in the section, without having to go to the video hosting site. Each video lesson is started on its own unique page, where a brief annotation is provided on it and a download link is available.

The section presents introductory lessons for those who are just starting to work with programs the GIS Panorama Mini, professional and desktop GIS "Panorama", "Panorama-editor", GIS "Operator". Educational films for the formation of cadastral documents in XML format are available for familiarization. The video lessons shows the sequence of using the "Workstation of cadastral engineer" when loading the initial data, preparing a map and generating output documents in electronic form. Users can study materials on work in the Complex of preparing documents of the aeronautical information. These lessons show a full cycle of processing of all types of aeronautical information, the order of its analysis and publication by means of the complex. The material is aimed at operators of aeronautical databases, schema designers, system programmers and specialists in the installation and configuration of databases. The volume of teaching materials is very large and constantly expands, you can see the full list of lessons in the section "Video lessons".

The official website of the company is always available for downloading current versions of the programs (GIS "Panorama", GIS WebServer SE, GIS Server and others), documentation.

On the "Digital maps and images" page and on the "Bank of spatial data" geoportal, there are free maps in the SXF format onto territory of the regions of the Russian Federation and foreign countries on the basis of data from open sources. To work with these maps, you can use the GIS Panorama Mini program. To organize the storage of spatial data in exchange formats, the Complex of conducting a databank of digital maps and remote sensing data can be applied.

For any questions related to the use of GIS-technologies of KB "Panorama", you can always contact the specialists of the company through the Forum or by e-mail.

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