GIS WebService SE improves reliability and speed of queries execution for creating 3D model of the Earth


GIS WebService SE version 12.1.3 is developed in KB "Panorama". In the new version of the service, in order to increase performance and displaying 3D terrain models in multithreaded mode, there is added a support of SQLite databases of 3D objects of version 3.6.1 and below. For the formation and processing the matrixes of elevations and quality necessary for building 3D models, the reliability and speed of information exchange with the GIS Server is increased. In order to reduce the time for data preparation, queries were added for transformation of matrix geo-covers to a specific projection. To increase the speed of searching for objects by vector data, search filters by key are added.

GIS WebServiСЃe SE supports all international standards (OGC WFS, WFS-T, WMS, WMTS, WCS) through which the transmission and display of spatial data is carried out. The program provides the ability to issue tiles for any user or local coordinate system. The application is implemented on Windows and Linux platforms, compatible with Apache, IIS and nginx web servers.

The new version of the program and the documentation are placed on the site in Download section.

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