The opportunity of work in the GIS "Panorama" using the online service of GeoCloud is implemented


Specialists of KB "Panorama" and GeoCloud companies presented the opportunity to work with GIS "Panorama" via the Internet. One of the main advantages of this opportunity is quick access to the application - any user can start working with the program in a few minutes, after registering with the online service. Working with GIS Panorama via the Internet will allow owners of such industry solutions, as, for example, "Workstation of the urban-planner", to evaluate and take advantage of the full functionality of the flagship geoinformation system KB "Panorama".

The application of the GIS Panorama via the Internet became possible through cooperation with the Israeli company GeoCloud, which developed a cloud-based service that allows users to remotely access the software of the world's largest developers in the field of geoinformation technologies. The founders of the service adhere to the concept of hourly payment: users pay only for the time it takes to work. In addition, the greater the total time of using the services, the less is the cost of one hour of work.

For several months, in conjunction with GeoCloud technical experts, KB Panorama company has been working on setting-up of a virtual computer to make it as easy as possible for users to access the software. To run the GIS "Panorama" on a virtual computer, you will need to perform 5 simple steps that include registration on the GeoCloud website, selection of the GIS "Panorama" product in the provided list of programs, selection of the volume of the user data warehouse and replenishment of the balance in the cash account. In conclusion, it will only be necessary to start the virtual computer with a pre-installed GIS by clicking on the "Start" button.

The work in the GIS "Panorama" on the GeoCloud service is suitable for performing short-term tasks of spatial processing of data by specialized modes and functions that are not part of such branch geoinformation systems as "Workstation of the cadastral engineer", "Workstation of urban planner", "Workstation of agronomist" and others.

You can read the instruction for launching the GIS "Panorama" on the GeoCloud service in the Documentation section.

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