Series of lessons on creating own applications for GIS "Panorama" is added by new training materials


On the website of KB "Panorama" the fourth lesson of the series "Development of applications for GIS "Panorama" was published. In this lesson we explain the mechanism for implementing stream tasks on the example of creating a mode of exporting map data into PostgreSQL database.

From the training materials, you can learn about the features of spatial data storage in PostgreSQL databases and how to access them from your own applications. The lesson includes the source code of task for exporting vector map objects into PostgreSQL and the ready-made mode library. This material will help to understand not only the mechanism for creating stream tasks for the GIS "Panorama", but also the general aspects of creating any of your own applications that work with the PostgreSQL DBMS.

The cycle of lessons "Development of applied tasks for GIS" Panorama is available for acquaintance in the "Video lessons" section.

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