A series of lessons for creating your own applications for the GIS "Panorama" is prepared


One of advantages of the GIS "Panorama" for users is the ability singly to create and add into system own applications on processing of geodata. The extensive set of functions and methods of the MAPAPI interface enables developers knowing languages C ++ or Pascal, to implement their own ideas for processing spatial information and significantly expand the capabilities of existing version of the application. PANAPI software interface provides the user with means for interacting with the GIS control shell, interactive data selection and indicating the processing methods.

In KB "Panorama" a series of training materials on creating application tasks for GIS "Panorama" in the Microsoft Visual Studio environment was prepared. Lessons and the project of implementing an application with a complete source code will help understand the basics of working with the functions and methods of the PANAPI and MAPAPI interfaces. Users can familiarize themselves with the work of the application task by downloading and adding the corresponding library to the GIS "Panorama".

The first lesson outlines the general questions of creating a dll-library in the Microsoft Visual Studio environment, with the application code of the GIS "Panorama". Such questions as, the basic events and methods of the application task, creation of a toolbar are considered. From the second lesson you will learn how to create handlers for interactive modes of the application task, that is, those data processing modes that require the user to perform operations on the map, for example, selection by using the mouse of the objects or a certain part of the object. The third lesson describes the implementation of interactive modes that do not require the creation of a handler, for example, those in which interaction with the user occurs through dialog boxes. In the second and third lessons, examples of the use in the application task of various functions of the MAPAPI interface are presented.

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