Imagery Creator forms tiles for servers and services by the TMS standard


Imagery Creator version 9.3.3 was developed in KB "Panorama". The new version of the program creates tiles according to the TMS standard. The main difference of this standard from OGC WMTS is the numbering of tiles and their location. They can be stored as separate files, or can be located in a database. Use of this standard will allow to access the tiles from other servers and services (GIS WebServer SE, GIS WebService SE), and also to use the API interface of libraries, such as MAPAPI, GDAL and others.

Specialists of KB "Panorama" have carried out tests on creation of tiles in order to improve the program's capabilities. For creating 700 000 000 tiles on Russian maps in the scale of 1: 10 000, consisting of 84 maps and 19 000 000 objects, the Imagery Creator program took 9 hours. Creation of tiles was carried out on the computer with 4 core Intel Core i5 - 3.5 Ghz and Windows 7. Total amount of created tiles was 2.5 TB.

ImageryCreator allows you to create tiles in the formats JPEG, PNG, PNG8 and Mbtiles according to the international standard OGC WMTS 07-057r7 version 1.0.0 and the TMS standard. The tile data generated by the application are used by software the GIS WebServer SE, GIS WebService SE to provide high-speed query execution for displaying spatial data over large areas while simultaneously accessing a large number of users.

A new version of the program is available on the Download page.

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