GIS "Panorama Mini" for Android OS processes digital maps of GIS "Panorama" format on mobile devices


In KB "Panorama" the GIS "Panorama Mini" for Android OS is developed. The program allows you to open the main formats of digital maps of GIS "Panorama" on mobile devices based on Android and to process the information from the built-in GPS/GLONASS receiver. The program is developed on the basis of toolkit "GIS Constructor for Qt Designer" (version for Android OS) which provides components for creation of the mobile applications working with digital maps.

Users of GIS "Panorama Mini" for Android can combine the composition of the displayed vector maps (topographic, operational situation, nautical, aeronautical), matrix and raster data (Earth's remote sensing data). When selecting an object on the map, you can see information about its name, length, area and characteristics. The user is given the opportunity to determine his current position according to the coordinates received from the GPS/GLONASS receiver. When the user moves, the map window on the mobile device can be automatically centered at the point with the current coordinates. To save the coordinates received while moving, a track recording mode is provided, which creates a separate map and puts a trajectory onto it.Data with movement records can be copied from the mobile device for the further processing in the GIS "Panorama" or GIS Panorama Mini.

The source texts of GIS "Panorama Mini" for Android OS are included into the software product "GIS Constructor for Qt Designer" and can be taken as a basis for creating your own mobile application. GIS "Panorama Mini" uses the programming interface MAPAPI, which implements displaying the sets of vector, raster and matrix maps, creating and editing vector maps, search of objects by a given set of attribute values, obtaining an information about map objects. Universality of the MAPAPI interface allows the developer to move the desktop GIS-application onto the mobile platform with minimal changes in the source code of the program.

The libraries of access to digital maps from the "GIS Constructor for Qt Designer" are implemented in C ++, which allows you to build applications based on them, using various programming languages and frameworks, for example, Qt or Java.

The new version is available for download in the Download section.

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