GIS "Operator" improves accuracy of geodetic and navigation calculations


In KB "Panorama" the GIS "Operator" version 12.5.3 for power structures is developed. In the new version of the program in the task "GLONASS/GPS monitor" and in the dialog "Coordinate calculation" of the task "Map Computer" the automatic connecting the geoid model EGM2008 was added for accounting at the conversion of geodetic and normal heights. Into the installation of GIS "Operator", a geoid model with a 2.5 minute increment is included - egm2008_2.5min.mtw. A more accurate model (1 minute) is posted on the site.

Into the View Passport task there is added a new type of maps "Topographic PZ-90.11" (Pulkovo2017), based on application of the PZ-90.11 ellipsoid and the Gauss-Krueger projection. The average level of the world ocean (geoid) corresponding to the model EGM2008 is set as the vertical datum (altitude system). The task of Creation of rule adds support for a new type of map.

Work with database SQLite for pyramids of tiles in format Mbtiles is implemented. You can open the data from the main menu File - Open. Mbtiles format is convenient for storing tile data, since it consists of one file. Satellite images in TIFF format can contain tens of gigabytes of information, therefore they are slowly displayed. To speed up the display and preserve the quality of the data, they are converted to the Mbtiles format. You can convert data into Mbtiles format using the Imagery Creator program. In the "Select Object" dialog box, in the "Metric" tab there is added the displaying and editing the geocentric coordinates of the object computed for the map ellipsoid or WGS-84 ellipsoid.

The new version of the program is available for download in the Download section.

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