GIS WebService SE provides direct access to arrays of tile data in the SQLite database


GIS WebService SE version 11.10.1 is developed in KB "Panorama". The new version of the service adds support for SQLite databases in Mbtiles and TBIR format. These formats are convenient for storing tile data, since they consist of one file (Mbtiles) or several (TBIR). On average, tiles in Mbtiles and TBIR format take up to 30% less hard disk space compared to individual files. The speed of access to the tile from the SQLite database is comparable with the speed of access to the tiles folder. Use of Mbtiles format will simplify and speed up the process of transferring tiles between servers and hard disks.

In the new version of service a support of international standard OGC WFS-T is improved. The service allows you to process objects whose coordinates go beyond the dimensions of the standard tiles pyramids (-180 and 180 degrees). This allows users to correctly edit or create objects, for example on the Chukchi Peninsula, using GIS WebServer SE.

GIS WebService SE supports all international standards (OGC WFS, WFS-T, WMS, WMTS, WCS), through which the transmission and display of spatial data is carried out. The program provides the ability to issue tiles for any user or local coordinate system. The application is implemented on Windows and Linux platforms, is compatible with Apache, IIS and nginx web-servers.

The new version of the program is available for download on the website in the Download section.

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