GIS "Panorama" implements new mathematical methods for processing remote sensing data


In KB "Panorama" the GIS "Panorama" version 12.5.3 for the x64 platform is developed. In the new version of the program into the task "Analysis of multispectral images" the mode of panchromatic merging of rasters is added. It allows you to increase the resolution of a color raster with use of the higher-resolution panchromatic image. Multispectral data often contains a panchromatic channel of higher-resolution, by merging with it, you can improve the visual characteristics of a color raster. The merge is performed in one of three ways: by the averaging over channels, by transformation through the IHS color space, and using the method of Transformation of Brovey.

Into the task of Map Editor a new mode "Building the azimuth circle" is added. The azimuth circle is a set of closed circles of a preset radius and the straight lines divergent in all directions in accordance with specified indicators of angles. Values of radiuses and angles of the azimuth circle are drawn onto the map in the form of explanatory labels. The parameters of lines and labels can be set by the user when building the azimuth circle.

The task of Restructuring map sheets by template is improved. There is accelerated the execution of cutting the source map into sheets of the output map with the transformation of projection. Speed of transformation and cutting of maps is increased at 10-12 times due to multi-threaded processing on multi-core processors. There is added support for cutting multi-polygons from the source map (previously it was required to convert multipolygons to individual polygons before cutting).

In procedure for export of the data to the SHP format the possibility is added for a choice of arranging the output data (each layer in a separate folder or all data sets in one folder). There is added the possibility to save and restore parameters of data export, including the composition of layers, objects and their attributes in DBF, in the file of parameters.

Mode "Reading the cadastral plan of territory and updating the map" is updated. Possibility is added for recording the information about created and the updated cadastral objects into the protocol. The protocol with the file name "map name.txt" is created in the folder of the map's INI file location. The structure of the log file corresponds to the file with delimiters (CSV). The protocol file can be downloaded for analysis in Microsotf Excel or analog.

Support of SQLite database for pyramids of tiles in Mbtiles format is added. You can open the data from the main menu File - Open. Mbtiles format is convenient for storing tile data, since it consists of one file. Satellite images in TIFF format can contain tens of gigabytes of information, therefore they are slowly displayed. To speed up the display and preserve the quality of the data, they are converted to the Mbtiles format. You can convert data into Mbtiles format using the Imagery Creator program.

There is added the new type of maps "Topographic PZ-90.11" (Pulkovo2017), based on application of the PZ-90.11 ellipsoid and the Gauss-Krueger projection. Into the tasks the "View Passport" and "Creation of rule" there is added a support for the new type of maps. In the "Select Object" dialog box, in the "Metric" tab there is added the displaying and editing the geocentric coordinates of the object computed for the map ellipsoid or WGS-84 ellipsoid.

In the task of "Map Computer" in the "Coordinate calculation" dialog, the connecting the geoid model EGM2008 was added for accounting at the conversion of geodetic and normal heights. Into the installation of GIS Panorama, a geoid model with a 2.5 minute increment is included - egm2008_2.5min.mtw. A more accurate model (1 minute) is posted on the site.

The new version of the program is available for download in the Download section.

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