GIS ToolKIt Active 12 creates geoinformation applications and embedded components in any development environment with support for ActiveX technology


KB "Panorama" created the toolkit of the developer of geoinformation systems the GIS ToolKit Active version 12. The new version allows you to create 32x and 64-bit applications in any development environment that supports ActiveX technology, for example, Visual Studio, 1C, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Access. GIS ToolKit Active comes with component source code and usage examples. The product provides the use of all kinds of spatial data (geodatabases) prepared in the GIS "Panorama", including those imported from the exchange formats of other geographic information systems (MIF/MID, DXF, SHAPE, KML, GDF).

GIS ToolKit Active contains a set of visual and non-visual components that allow you to use spatial and attributive data to display and perform special calculations. Using these components, geoinformation systems of various levels (federal, regional, municipal, corporate) are created. The toolkit supports the local, state and international coordinate systems (parameters of more than 4 000 different coordinate systems are included into the delivery). An extensive geospatial data bank is available to use the toolkit.

The geo-database can be located either in the workplace (direct access to data) or in the local network or the Internet (using the components of access to the GIS Server or data exchange over the international protocols WMS, WFS, WCS, WMTS). The toolkit provides access to spatial data published by geoportals from different manufacturers, including predefined settings for popular geoportals: Yandex, Google, Rosreestr, Panorama, Kosmosnimki, Navitel, Mail, Air traffic monitoring and others. The list of available geoportals is constantly expanding. Data from geoportals can be combined with spatial data on the client. There is a set of methods for managing the visualization parameters of WMS-rasters (transparency, brightness, contrast).

The components set allows creating monitoring systems for mobile objects that store coordinate descriptions in popular databases (Oracle, MS SQL Server, Postgre SQL). The using the special components of navigation and managing the geodatabase allows to simplify work with vast territories.

For the programmer, the tools for constructing routes with the using the graph of roads based on various criteria are available. A complete list of the toolkit components and the order of their use is reflected in the documentation that is included in the installation package.

The new version of the program is available for download on the Download page.

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