GIS "Panorama" with the help of geoportals shows the changes in traffic, weather and other events in the time mode close to the real


In KB "Panorama" the GIS "Panorama" of version 12.5.2 for the x64 platform is developed. In the new version, the task of connecting geoportals has been refined. Support of a new geoportal is added for realisation of monitoring the movement of aircraft. Geoportal "Monitoring the Air Traffic" uses the public web service Flightradar24, which allows real-time monitoring of the situation of aircrafts, being in air. To view the current position of the aircraft in the program it is necessary to connect a geoportal "Monitoring the Air Traffic", to set the period of updating the image of the program window for 5 seconds, and to turn on the property "Update of WMS layers". In the process of monitoring, detailed information about the selected flight is available: airport of departure and arrival, travel time, model, speed, direction of movement, altitude and other parameters. Aircraft on the map are displayed with various conventional symbols from the classifier service.rsc depending on their model, dimensions, seating capacity. In total into the classifier service.rsc 16 new conventional symbols for a designation of aircraft were added. Among them, such lines of aircraft as SuperJet, TU, IL, Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, Dassault aviation and others. The user can change the image of conventional symbols and expand the list of available aircraft models in the "Classifier Editor". GIS "Panorama" allows you to work with dynamic data coming from geoportals (various types of transport, road, rural and forest economy, hydrometeorology and ecological monitoring of the environment, subsoil use and others).

The parameters of the local coordinate system of the Republic of Crimea for zone 1 and zone 2 are added into the file "LCS of RF Subjects.XML", which provides the storage of the list of parameters of local coordinate systems. The choice of coordinate system parameters from the file is carried out in the task of "Map Passport" and in dialogs the "Setting projection parameters of a raster" and "Setting projection parameters of a matrix". Local coordinate systems are set for making geodetic and topographical works in engineering surveying, construction and operation of buildings and constructions, land surveying, conducting cadastres and realisation of other special works.

The task "Check of vector map quality" is improved. The vector map is checked in accordance with the selected control scheme containing a list of types and parameters of check. The report with results of control is sent to the HTML-file. The file format of the scheme of control parameters is changed from binary CXM onto textual XML. In a folder \Control.Dot\ the XML-files of schemes of control parameters with *.CXML extension have been updated.

A new mode "Reading the cadastral plan of territory and updating the map" is developed, which provides stream reading of several XML-files using two XML schemes of the cadastral plan of territory (CPT): V09_KPT and extract_cadastral_plan_territory_v01. The files corresponding to the scheme extract_cadastral_plan_territory_v01 are received within the framework of interdepartmental electronic interaction and are used in state and municipal authorities. The mode supports the processing of new types of cadastral objects: "water body", "land plot by land survey project", "zone, territory, natural object". During the processing of information read from the XML-CPT file, a search is performed on the map of the corresponding cadastral object and a decision is made to update the information on the map. To update the cadastral map, in addition to the cadastral number, the registry (accounting) number of the cadastral object is used as identification information. The digital classifier survey.v5.rsc was updated. In the updated classifier, new cadastral objects and semantics have been added to the layer "Cadastral plan of the territory", that are necessary to automate the process of updating the cadastral information.

The task of "Opening data from the GIS Server" is refined. There is implemented the opening and addition into the current document of the list of the documents belonging to the selected node of the data tree. Actions are performed using the pop-up menu on the right button when the node of the map tree, rasters or matrices is activated.

In the mode "Mark for equivalent image" the possibility is added for a choice of graphic objects (not having code from the classifier) with selection of all objects having conterminous graphic parameters (conventional symbol) .

The mode "Create objects from the XML file of real estate cadastre" is improved in the part of mapping objects with no coordinates - conditional objects. For conditional objects, the conditional coordinates are calculated according to the coordinates of the center of the cadastral quarter in which they are located. The algorithm of reading XML-files containing cadastral data in several coordinate systems is improved.

The new version of the program is available for download in the Download section.

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