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GIS "Panorama" version 12 is certified for use as software products in construction


The certification body for software products in construction issued a certificate of conformity No. RA.RU. AB86.H01044 for the program complex "Panorama". The general requirements for the safety of buildings and constructions, as well as the design processes associated with buildings and constructions (including engineering surveys), constructing, installation, commissioning, operation and disposal (demolition) are defined in Federal Law No.384-FZ of December 30, 2009 "Technical Regulations on the safety of buildings and structures". The program complex "Panorama" is certified for compliance with the normative documents defined by No.384-FZ and GOST R of the series ISO, ISO/IEC.

Software the GIS "Panorama", "Panorama-editor", GIS Panorama Mini, "Complex of geodetic calculations", "Complex of geological tasks", "Complex of hydrological tasks" and "Complex of urban-planning tasks" correspond to the sections and clauses of normative documents specified in the conclusion to the certificate. A set of programs for creating and editing digital maps and city plans, processing of remote sensing data, maintaining a digital classifier, processing geodetic measurements and calculations, processing geological and environmental research materials, building 3D models, preparing project graphic documents in electronic and printed form has undergone a comprehensive check. The tasks solved by the software correspond to the provisions of SP 47.13330.2012 - Updated version of SNiP 11-02-96 "Engineering surveys for construction", SP 126.13330.2012 - Updated version of SNiP 3.01.03-84 "Geodetic work in construction", GOST 21.508-93 "SPDS: Rules for the implementation of working documentation of general plans for enterprises, structures and civil and housing projects".

Digital maps, general plans, large-scale plans of the territories of enterprises, engineering survey materials, graphic and text design documents, digital models of buildings and constructions, and other digital information about the terrain and construction conditions are placed for collective use on the GIS Server, providing remote access to data with differentiation user rights. A set of GIS "Panorama" and GIS Server software implements end-to-end technology with automatic updating of the repeating graphic data in various drawings, schemes and plans. Centralized storage of spatial data on the server allows you efficiently and easily to manage changes in the project and operational documentation. When you make a specific change to a project, it is immediately displayed in all views: on plans of floors, facade or sections.

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