Digital map classifier for forest management is updated taking into account the provisions of the Forest Code of the Russian Federation


KB "Panorama" developed a digital classifier for cartographic works on forest management ( It was finalized taking into account the provisions of the Forestry Code of the Russian Federation of 04.12.2006 N 200-FZ (as amended on 01.07.2017). The library of conventional symbols can be used in the designing the forestry and forest parks, operational forests, protective forests, stand-by forests, and also specially protected forest areas. Classifier takes into account the requirements of the "Forest Management Instructions" and provides information support for the designing the forest areas, forest inventory and performing state forest inventory, designing measures for protection and reproduction of forests.

The set of conventional forestry symbols determines the structure of spatial data base of the forest management and ensures the creation of a large variety of forest maps in the GIS "Panorama" environment. Creation of graphic documents of various scale, detail and territory coverage is supported: map of the region's forests (krai, republic); map-scheme of forest and timber processing infrastructure; map-scheme of afforestation; scheme and plan of forestry; forest management tablet; overview plan; map-scheme of fire-prevention measures; map scheme of forest resources bases and others. The classifier includes a list of objects and the attributes necessary for informational support of phytosanitary and fire-prevention monitoring of forests.

The digital classifier forestry.v2 implements support for "end-to-end" technologies for processing and analyzing spatial data of forest inventory and forest monitoring. For information support of forest exploitation processes, digital forest maps can be placed for collective access on the GIS Server and published on the geoportal by means of GIS WebServer SE.

The updated classifier and its description are available in the Classifiers section.

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