GIS WebServer AGRO provides agronomists with remote access for rapid entering actually completed work


GIS WebServer AGRO version 2.3 is developed in KB "Panorama". The new version implements maintenance of field technological maps from a remote base of soil fertility in the GIS "Panorama AGRO". Technological map is a document reflecting the production technology. It indicates the ongoing agricultural operations and the technical means necessary for their implementation. The technological maps reflect the list of operations, their chronological sequence, agrotechnical requirements for the production of works, brands of vehicles and agricultural machines, their number and production rates. Field mapss take into account the area of the contour of agricultural land and contain information on the composition and amount of material inputs for the cultivation of crops.

Such documents are developed for all combinations of cultivated crops and intensification of agricultural technologies. Remote Web access provides the agronomists with an interface for entering the actual data of the technological map of a particular working area of arable land directly into the field. In the new version the system of measurements on the map is updated. In the mode of measuring the path length, calculation of large distances is added taking into account the curvature of the Earth. The calculated lines are drawn on the map. The ability is added for expanding the list of available spatial data sources to perform address search.

The program is aimed at specialists in the area of agriculture and is an extension of the GIS Panorama AGRO to work with the structure of sown areas and the infrastructure of an agricultural enterprise using WEB technologies. As a source of spatial data, GIS WebServer AGRO uses multi-platform cartographical service the GIS WebService SE. Data exchange with the service is carried out according to international open standards OGC: WMTS 1.0.0 and WMS 1.3.0. Maps placed on the GIS Server can be a source of data for the GIS WebService SE service. The map layers published from the server reflect the current state of the spatial data base in a time mode close to real.

You can see an example of the work of GIS WebServer AGRO on page of the "Agroportal" demonstration project. A new version of the program is available on the site in the Download section.

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