In GIS WebService SE the new requests are added to improve information interaction of users with a single geoinformation space


GIS WebService SE version 11.8.0 is developed in KB "Panorama". In the new version for the purpose of expansion of mechanisms of access to a single geoinformation space and simplifications of procedure of interaction with service the list of supported requests is expanded. Service allows to provide the unified access to databases and data banks, geo-covers, metadata databases, navigation data, topographic and other types of data. It simplifies the process and technology of interaction between users and a single geoinformation space.

For request of creation of buffer zones the possibility of their construction is implemented by the closed linear objects, and also by an arbitrary object passed through the input file gml. The new request is added of obtaining distance, azimuth and direction angle.

For construction of geo-covers in the Databank the request is added to obtain the classifiers available on the GIS Server. The program has improved the requests for obtaining semantic characteristics, taking into account the spatial data scheme. There is added the request of deleting the layers (data) located on the GIS Server. For the construction of 3D terrain models, the request was added for issuing a three-dimensional view of the object by tile from the SQLite database.

In the program analytical possibilities of requests of the transactions are improved, allowing to analyze the list of available for object of editing of semantic characteristics and to update only transferred for semantics change.

GIS WebServiСЃe SE supports all international standards (OGC WFS, WFS-T, WMS, WMTS, WCS) with which help the transfer and display of spatial data is carried out. The program provides the ability to issue tiles for any user or local coordinate system. The application is implemented on Windows and Linux platforms, is compatible with Apache, IIS and nginx web servers.

The new version of the program is available on the site in the Download section.

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