Geoinformation system "Rosseti" - reliability and efficiency of managing the power grid complex


The first stage of the geoinformation system (GIS Rosseti) was developed and put into trial operation in the "Rosseti" company. GIS "Rosseti" is a joint product of the companies of Closed Joint-Stock Company "Russian corporation of communication facilities" (RCCF) and Joint-Stock Company of KB "Panorama". The purpose of creating the GIS "Rosseti" is to increase the reliability and efficiency of managing the power grid complex distributed across the territory of 77 constituent entities of the Russian Federation.

The software that is part of the GIS "Rosseti" meets the modern requirements for processing and providing the spatial information and is fully implemented on the basis of domestic technologies of KB "Panorama". The development took into account the requirements of the technical policy of "Rosseti" in the field of import substitution, the use of a unified data model, a unified system of classification and coding. During development, Russian software was used: GIS "Panorama", GIS Server, GIS WebServer SE, GIS WebToolKit SE.

The main task of GIS "Rosseti" is to provide information support when performing work to reduce the probability of accidents, technological violations and other contingencies, and to mitigate their negative consequences. For processing the information about the objects of the power grid complex, GIS includes an online editor of spatial information about accounting objects, a toolkit for interacting with various address databases and obtaining publicly available cadastre information of Rosreestr.

For the prompt response of the staffs of the power grid complex to threats and the emergence of emergencies, accidents of natural, technogenic and other nature, the GIS "Rosseti" performs the collection, processing, transmission and storage of operational information on the availability and location of the emergency reserve, mobile teams and special equipment, mobile modular substations , the reserve sources of electric power supply, complete mobile switchgears.

To visualize the spatial objects of accounting, the symbols, rules and recommendations for the digital description of fuel and energy complex objects have been developed in accordance with the requirements of GOST R 56303-2014.

Information interaction between GIS and existing information systems of the "Rosseti" group is based on international standards for the exchange of geospatial data and services. Data processing is also supported in the accepted unified forms coming from the information systems of the subsidiaries of "Rosseti" and their branches. Work with information stored in GIS "Rosseti" is carried out taking into account the differentiation of access rights, the audit of user actions is performed.

Public Joint Stock Company (PJSC ROSSETI) – is one of the largest power companies in the world. The company manages 2,3 million kilometers of power lines and 496 thousand substations with the total transformer capacity of more than 773 thousand MVA. In 2016 the supply of electric power to consumers was up to 742,7 billion kW?h. The number of employees of the "Rosseti" Group of companies is 216 thousand people.

The complex assets of PJSC В«RossetiВ» are represented by 37 affiliated and dependent companies including 14 interregional and a regional distribution grid company. The controlling shareholder is the State represented by the Federal Agency of the State Property Administering of the Russian Federation, that owns 87.9 % of the share capital.

Closed Joint Stock Company "Russian corporation of communication facilities" is a leading domestic producer of telecommunications equipment, control systems, technologies and information security equipment of critical infrastructure in Russia.

Closed joint-stock company Konstructorskoe bureau "Panorama" - the leading Russian company in the field of development of geoinformation systems, automated control systems for various purposes and national mapping systems.

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