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GIS ToolKit allows you to create interactive maps


In KB "Panorama", toolkit the GIS ToolKit of version 12.5.0 was developed for creating GIS applications in environment of Delphi, C ++ Builder Embarcadero.

The new version adds the ability to display and embed OLE-documents in a common cartographic image. MS Word document, MS Excel spreadsheet, MS PowerPoint slide, MS Graph may be as OLE-documents. When you change the data in the embedded OLE-document the updating is carried out and in the cartographical image on the monitor or at the printing. At a choice of the embedded document by double mouse click the editing of the document is carried out by that program in which it has been created (depending on document type). To quickly study the possibilities of embedding OLE-documents into the cartographic project, an example application (included into the installation package) is developed. All settings for displaying the OLE-document on the background of the cartographic image are saved in a special file, which is located together with the map. For OLE-document introduction into a map it is possible to use the GIS Panorama for which the user interface is already developed for work with such documents.

In the new version there is improved the work of standard components of the map area selection - TfrmDlgSelRt, TMapSelectRect. Components are used in such tasks of processing the spatial data as a choice of area for printing, a choice of area for display, a choice of area for search, a choice of area for copying and converting objects.

Possibilities of management by the maps atlas are expanded. The components of working with map atlas (TAtlasListDlg, TOpenAtlasDlg) allow to implement a multiscale model of displaying spatial objects onto the same territory.

GIS ToolKit is a toolkit of the developer of geoinformation systems, allowing to process spatial databases. The toolkit consists of a set of visual components (supplied in the source code) and API functions for direct access to the geodatabase. The geo-database can be located both in the workplace (direct access to data) and in the local network or the Internet (there are used the components of access to the GIS Server or data exchange over the international protocols WMS, WFS, WCS, WMTS).

New versions of the programs are available for download on the Download page.

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