GIS WebService SE for the CentOS operating system expands the tools for building a 3D model of spatial data


In KB "Panorama" the GIS WebService SE version 11.4.0 is developed for server operating system CentOS 7.2. In the new version of service the tools for building three-dimensional models of spatial data formed by means of GIS WebServer SE are expanded.

3D model provides an opportunity to work and to view information layers from the geospatial data base and remote sensing data for analysis and decision making at designing. 3D surface is displayed in accordance with the terrain. Detailed models can contain three-dimensional objects corresponding to objects of a two-dimensional map. In new version of GIS WebServer SE the ability is added to automatically change the composition of the displayed three-dimensional objects depending on the scale of the map display. Animation of moving and continuous display of 3D maps are implemented at movement along equator.

In the new version, the speed and reliability of the service in the mode of round-the-clock operation is increased. By means of the built-in self-diagnostics the service allows to identify and eliminate failures that occur at processing the incorrect data or lack of server resources. These possibilities increase the reliability and fault tolerance of the application, and also speed up the search for errors and decision-making by the service administrator to change the server hardware resources. In order that the administrator could quickly find the necessary information about service's work, into the module of remote administration the tools are added for viewing the log with possibility of events filtration.

There is accelerated the process of updating images of vector maps which are issued by WMS protocol, at intensive editing of maps objects on the GIS Server. For example, at displaying tracks of movement of vehicles the updating of vector data is carried out in parallel with drawing a current state. It reduces time of synchronisation of changing the object state and the output of the updated picture.

In the new version of the program a support of multipolygons is added. This type of object allows you to combine several individual polygon objects into one. Use of multipolygons will allow to avoid duplication of semantic characteristics, reducing the overall amount of information, to unite objects of the same type, reducing quantity of spatially-logic links and simplifying process of visual perception of objects (for example, the Kuril Islands, borders of the states and others).

The parameters of queries by the WFS standard are extended. The ability to display graphic objects and information about the relative and absolute height of the object is added. The possibility of forming a map legend with transparency is added.

GIS WebService SE implements support for a single geoinformation space, providing transmission and display of spatial data located on the GIS Server, according to international standards of OGC WFS, WFS-T, WMS, WMTS, WCS. The program provides the ability to issue tiles by spatial data for any user or local coordinate system. The application is compatible with Apache, IIS and nginx web-servers.

A new version of the program is available on the web-site in the Download section.

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