ImageryCreator forms a single geoinformation space that use tile arrays the Big Data


ImageryCreator version 9 is developed in KB "Panorama". To build corporate, regional, departmental geoinformation systems, it is necessary to use large amounts of information (Big Data). These systems should work in a single geoinformation space, monitor changes in territories and display them promptly. To this end, a new version of the ImageryCreator program was developed to publish large amounts of information in the form of Big Data tiles. It allows you to use all resources of a multi-core server. By distributing the load across the threads, ImageryCreator allows you to cut the tiles several times faster. Thus, the time for creating huge data sets in tens of terabytes is shortened from a few days to several hours.

The program can work at once with several data projects. The parameters of each user's work are saved separately. The program allows to create several pyramids of tiles which can have different formats, scales and types of matrixes. ImageryCreator and ImageryService have a single structure of the settings file. This allows to simplify the process of data administration, to make a technological chain (ImageryCreator - GIS WebServiceSE - GIS WebServer SE) for publication of the spatial data more simple and understandable.

The program allows you to create tiles in JPEG and PNG formats according to the international standard OGC WMTS 07-057r7 version 1.0.0. The tile data generated by the ImageryCreator program are used by software the GIS WebServer SE, GIS WebService SE to provide high-speed query execution for displaying spatial data over large areas while simultaneously accessing a large number of users.

A new version of the program is available on the Download page.

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