GIS Server SE provides direct multiuser access to the geospatial databases in the form of maps in the specified conventional symbols


In KB "Panorama" the GIS Server SE of version 7.1.7 is developed for CentOS OS. In the new version, a direct connection to geospatial data bases is implemented for viewing and editing the tables in the form of maps in given conventional symbols. Databases managed by DBMS PostgreSQL with PostGIS extension are supported.

In the new version of the program the user has an opportunity to make changes to databases through the graphic interface of the GIS "Panorama" client by tools of editing digital terrain maps. If you change the coordinates of the objects, the fields of the Geometry type in the database table will change, and when the semantics change, the fields with attributive data of objects will change.

GIS Server SE monitors changes of the connected geospatial databases and automatically updates their image in the specified conventional symbols. Changes can be made by any external applications by execution of SQL queries. To track changes into the database an auxiliary table is added - a change log and a trigger for filling it. For forced updating of the image of the connected geospatial databases the combination of keys CTRL-F5 is applied.

Parameters of displaying a database in the form of a map (table, data presentation or SQL-query)) are saved on the server in a file with DBM extension having XML structure. Administration of connection to databases is built-in into the general interface of administration the GIS Server SE. Examples of DBM files for connecting database tables on the Internet are included into the program installation.

The means of connection to the database the GIS Server SE include the capabilities of the Spatial DB Service, however, the speed of image formation and updating has become much higher. In need of scaling the productivity at the expense of processing of several databases on different servers, it is expedient to use separate copies of service the Spatial DB Service. There is improved the reading of multipoligons from databases with the formation of multipoligons on the map (previously groups of individual objects were formed).

The ability is added to specify a shared folder of documents for a virtual folder with vector maps. This eliminates the need to administer individual maps that can be created in virtual folders during the execution of different requests. At addition into semantics of objects of vector maps of references onto documents, they will be automatically saved in the shared folder.

GIS Server SE provides remote access to vector maps, remote sensing data, matrices, documents and spatial data bases. Multi-level connection of servers among themselves for distributed storage and processing of spatial data with automatic replication, backup and data protection is supported.

The new version of the program is available for download on the Download page.

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