Into GIS "Operator" the means of supporting a single geo information space are refined


In KB "Panorama" the GIS "Operator" is developed for power structures of version 12.4.5. The program provides support for a single geo information space on the basis of construction of the network architecture operated by servers of spatial data (GIS Server) and application servers (GIS WebService SE). As a source of geospatial data the Databank of digital maps and remote sensing data can be applied. In the new version the speed of requesting and updating the data from the GIS Server is increased when working with arbitrary databases of spatial data. There is expanded a support of the local SQLite database for displaying terrain matrix data in hmp format and performing all kinds of computational tasks related to heights (construction of profiles, visibility zones, estimation of elevation, calculation of ground volumes, 3D modeling and other tasks).

The mode of Map Editor - Creation of group of objects by coordinates from a text file is modified. There is added the possibility to build orthodromy by the coordinates of the file MET - an arc on the Earth's surface, passing through the shortest distance between the given points. To execute the task in a text file with the .MET extension, you need the presence of the #ORTHODROME service field and two lines with the coordinates of the starting and ending points of the created object - the arc. At large distances (thousands of kilometers), the points of the arc are formed with a step of no more than 0.4 degrees, for small distances - no more than 10 kilometers, which ensures the determination of lengths and angles with triangulation accuracy of 1 class.

New property "Save time and date of object update" is added in the dialog of creating a new map. If the map is created with the specified property, then into each object, when creating and editing, service semantics are automatically recorded with the date and time of the performed operation and with the name of the operator that performed the operation.

There is added a support for zip archives, encrypted by a user password, at performing the operations of opening the data sets (vector maps, images, matrices) and updating the open data. If the zip archive is encrypted, the user will be prompted to enter a password to access the data.

The program for loading and displaying the cloud of points (LAS) has been improved. Open binary format LAS is intended for storaging the records of points obtained by means of LIDAR locators (light detection and ranging) - the laser locators used for sounding of the sea and terrestrial surface. Loading of a cloud of points from files of LAS format of large volume is accelerated. At loading a cloud of points from the LAS format, the colors of the original points used for 2D and 3D-display are saved. Support of the pseudo-conical equal-projection of Bonn (EPSG:9827) is added. The new projection can be selected for maps of the Geographical type.

The new version of the program is available for download in the Download section.

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