In GIS Operator SE for OS Astra Linux SE the possibilities of of combining digital data are expanded


In KB "Panorama" there is developed the GIS Operator SE of version 11.13.8 for the Astra Linux SE operating system, the release of Smolensk. In the new version, the possibilities of combining digital data are expanded.

Now to the list of the open data the user can add interesting sets of maps, matrixes or rasters by a simple choice of the list. Among added maps both the user maps (formats SIT, SITX), and multisheets maps (MAP format) can be. The displaying the external view of the object has been improved, taking into account the library of programmable conventional signs in the tasks the "Classifier Editor" and "Information about Object". When importing data from a set of SXF files, the diagnostic output is extended. Import of maps from Shape format is optimised. The task "Show data list of map" has been completed. The new version of the program is adapted for work in OS Astra Linux SE, release Smolensk, version 1.5.

GIS В«OperatorВ» for power structures (GIS Operator SE) is the geoinformation system intended for creating and editing digital maps and solving typical application tasks. GIS Operator SE is adopted to supply the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation by the Order of the Minister of Defence and is certified in the system of certification of information security for the information security requirements.

The new version of the program is available for download in the Download section.

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