In GIS "Operator" 12 the computing tasks for the increasing the effectiveness of the assessment of the terrain are improved


In KB "Panorama" the GIS "Operator" x64 version 12.4.3 is developed. In the new version of the program there is added the accounting for multipolygons when searching for objects by a given area, taking into account the occurrence, intersection, location at a given distance. Speed of constructing the list of the found objects is increased in 2-3 times due to multithreaded processing on multi-core processors.

In the task of "Map Computer" the modes "Information about the object" and "Statistics of selected objects" have been improved. In the statistics mode, the option "All maps" is added, which allows to display information about the selected objects from all maps. In the "Information about the object" dialog, the "Statistics of selected objects" mode has been added to view the attributes for each part of the generalized terrain object.

The "Complex of problems of support of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV)" is refined. In dialog "Report formation" a new text field was added for introduction of a stamp (security label) of the document. The template corresponding to this dialog is improved. The complex of tasks of UAV support provides processing of incoming photos and video materials from unmanned aerial vehicles, drawing trajectories of their movement onto the map and making reports by the received data.

Due to multi-threaded processing on a multi-core processor, the execution time of operations on lists of objects is reduced by 6-8 times - a search for intersections, occurrences, location at a given distance, and so on.

The "Map Editor" has been improved. New objects are located on the map at once, taking into account the order of the layers displaying specified in the classifier, without additional sorting of the map. To manage the order of recording objects onto the map when sorting the map, a service file with the SIN extension is formed. If the SIN file was not created, then the objects are written to the map in the order of their type (polygon, linear, etc.).

The dialogue "Select object" is refined. On the "Metric" bookmark a map window has been added with the ability to display the section with the current point of the object's metric. This allows you to view the contours of extended objects and to correct the coordinates of points without leaving the dialog.

The new version of the program is available for download in the Download section.

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