In GIS WebService SE and the Databank of digital maps and Remote Sensing Data for CentOS operating system the speed of displaying spatial data is optimized


In KB Panorama the new versions of server software products are developed for OS CentOS: GIS WebService SE and the Databank of digital maps and Remote Sensing Data. GIS WebService SE versions 11.4.0 minimises costs for hardware and the server software, allowing to receive thus the maximum performance and maintain a greater number of users when sending tiles. To this end, for the publication of the vector data there is added the matrix with sizes of the tile 1024x1024 pixels in PNG-8 format, for the publication of remote sensing data the matrix with the sizes of the tile 512x512 pixels in JPG format.

For maintenance of schemes and a map legend in an actual state in the application there is added the interface of data updating at change of the resources classifier. Reliability and convenience of work with the data on the GIS Server is increased. There is implemented the possibility of processing layers directly from server's virtual folder without their additional putting into the list of parameters of configuration file wmsparam.xml.

Parametres of delivery of the metadata on objects of a map by WFS standard are expanded. There is added the ability to output the data with regard to their visibility at a certain scale.

The program the Databank of digital maps and Remote Sensing Data version 3.2.0 adds the ability to expand the list of metadata fields. New fields are automatically displayed in the appropriate section of the application. Expansion of the fields list allows to store and process the additional information on data sets, to connect external sources of the information, providing the integration with other systems.

New versions of software are available for download in the Download section.

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